UPDATE- one male orange and white kitten left. Very friendly and sweet kittens They are about 8 weeks and are ready to find their new homes Their mother is an excellent hunter and has already been training them on rats and frogs. They are very laid back kittens seeing as how they tolerate my two year old loving them I have two males and two females left the orange are male and the black and cal...
Free kittens. I have so many, I just cant do it anymore. My kids and I love them, So sweet. My kids counted 27 Free, just pick up.
I adore my cat Jupiter and she is three years old. I am moving and the new landlord does not allow cats. Looking for a good new home for her with cat lovers who will cuddle and appreciate her. She is used to being mostly indoors but does well and doesnt run away if let outside.
5 kittens to give away to a good home. 2 are Calicos, 1 black and white, and 2 solid black kittens. They are about 6 weeks old. ThomasM
Three weaned young cats. From a litter of kittens abandoned by our barn cats and raised by my kids. Litter box trained if you need a house cat, would be good barn cats if you have a barn or shed to shelter them.Free.