LUNA-CO PRODUCTIONS Grupo FRANKIE y DJ West Tx LunatixWeddings,QUINCINERAS, all occasions DJ OR Band or both ........why pay separatley when you can pay for 2 for the price of 1Sound rentalsmic standsSpeakers.........callllame 325-428-889three....leave msgdeja su mesage
Regardless of the size of your event, we have a package to fit any budget. We encourage you to shop around with other local disc jockeys. We are confident that after comparing us against the competition - package to package, price to price, you will agree that NewStyle Entertainment DJ Service is the right choice for your event. Contact us today for a quote, and well help you pick the package t...
My names Matt and Ive been making a living with my music from home for a few years now and its great I do NOT do ANY selling, negotiating, paperwork, or any of that boring business stuff.... I just make songs full song with vocals OR instrumentals and then upload them to a few websites and they do the rest. With this simple strategy Ive gotten my music on MTV, VH1, NBC, CBS, Showtime, History C...
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The vast majority of musicians who attempt to pursue music WILL fail Why does this happen so oftenAnswer most musicians make no attempt to seek out any REAL training or mentoring on how the music business works. Most make absolutely zero attempt to seek guidance from someone who has traveled the path they are on many times and can them by the hand and guide them towards music career success. In...
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