2 sets of twins born in March. Mother is Nubian and father is Boer. All 4 are male. $100 each. Abilene/Ovalo Texas
These wonderful, handcrafted chicken coops from 3x6 (for 2-6 hens)at $399 to 8x12 (for 30+ hens) at $1840 are on sale now. They're all predator-proof, sturdy, and easily winterized- Our idea of winterizing is to keep the coop warm and lets plenty of light in!(Please check out the video on our web site- "insulating our chicken coop") As you see in the pictures - they scratch and pe...
Heavy duty International Harvester manure spreader - Excellent Condition. Good tires, new rim, new chains and bars and new floor. Paddles work very well and multiple speed chain and bars.
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